Thursday, September 2, 2010


pete conrad was an amazing astronaut. I've been super lucky and fortunate to be able to meet a number of astronauts, including Pete's Apollo 12 crewmates and friends, alan bean and dick gordon. when you hear funny stories about apollo, chances are the story might involve pete. his favorite saying was, "if you can't be good, be colorful."

out of love for the fun-loving, all-navy crew of Apollo 12, I did a painting of Pete unfurling the american flag on the surface of the moon. the perspective is imperfect, so he looks a bit short and squashed. poor pete. :( i think the other aspect is that when you paint the moon you have to acquaint yourself with eight gazillion shades of grey, which I was still adjusting to at the time. ergo, his boots basically blend in to the lunar surface and he looks shorter. another good learning experience! :)

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  1. Aurora! I'm so glad to see you started a blog and that you paint space pictures. I didn't know you painted. My sister and dad both painted so I've always wanted to learn. I love the Pete Conrad quote.